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Property Valuation

Property Valuation

The valuation process assesses the market value of the property. Demand and supply intensity operating in the market, as well as other factors like type of property, The Value of the land/flat/property depends on the plot, location, shape, tenure, obsolescence, utility, rental yield, demand and supply in the class, political stability, Government policies, condition...

Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery valuation

There are so many reasons why you need a jewellery valuer/jewelry valuation like fair market value of your jewelry, for done an insurance of your jewelry, for replacement of your jewelry and many more and you can place your trust in an A2Z VALUERS, the A2Z VALUERS leading association of jewelry valuers.

Land & building valuation

Land & building valuation

What is land valuation, the value of a piece/parcel of property or land, including both the value of the land itself as well as any improvements that have been made to it. Land and Building Method for Bungalows / Flats. Bungalows / Houses: In this case the cost of land and building are assessed separately and added to get the present value of the property....

Capital Gain Valuation

Capital Valuation

The process of determining the current worth of an asset/property/flat/ or company. There are many techniques that can be used to determine value, some are subjective and others are objective. 

For example, an analyst valuing a company may look at the company's management, the composition of its capital structure....

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Visa Valuation

What is visa valuation…….visa valuation is the process of determining the current worth of an asset or company/property /flat. There are many techniques that can be used to determine value, some are subjective and others are objective. With reference to you regarding the visa service for your valued clients to go various countries abroad.

Gift Valuation

Gift Valuation

A defined/ explained , expounded , interpreted, elucidated, explicated, described, clarified; value gift is a formula gift that is tied to both the value the client wants to give and the value of the gift as finally determined for gift tax purposes.

GIFT TAX is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing or less than full value in return.

 Income Tax Valuation

Tax Valuation

What is Tax : A tax is a mandatory/ obligatory/compulsory/ binding/ required charge on income or the purchase of goods and services. Taxes are usually imposed by the by central government or state government.

Tax is impressive financial charges on company or individual by central government or state government. Collected Tax amount is 

Insurance Valuation

Insurance valuation

In order to achieve, fulfill, execute, perform, an accurate, correct, precise, exact, right insurance premium quotation it is imperative that the reinstatement cost is correct to ensure that a property is neither under or over-insured ,the building reinstatement costs of the property. Amount for which insurance cover is bought on a building...

Valuation News

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tax valuation

General factors for valuation

Valuation as it is a Simple art but to Make real valuation – requires a Great deal of imagination,experience & Consideration of Various Factors apart from Already prescribed in various books,manual on valuation,Govt.rules regulation, acts And standard trade practice etc
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Modern Technique For Valautaion

City Planning is a Continuous process; responding to multifarious developments internal And external, with developing technology a City has new roles to play and urban development Needs new directions. For new directions of planning we require data, facts, information of Present and past so that our planners can plan for future needs on the basis of information, Data, facts available to them.
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Thank you A2ZVALUERS team for your excellent support on valuation on my commercial property. Very fast valuation services by you which save me lots time and helped us to get quick loan based on this. I will keep recommend to others.

Ankit Kumar, New Delhi on 11-12-2017

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Need Of Consideration of Environmental Factors In Valuation

Valuation as it is a Simple art but to Make real valuation – requires a Great...


Modern Technique For Land Valuation For Master Plan Of A City

City Planning is a Continuous process; responding to multifarious developments...


Property Valuers and Valuation in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, India

If you are searching a company which can offers you Property valuation services with the world's best property valuers then, you have to firstly think that where you get the best valuation services in a very low cost and we always recommend that you to join the A2Z Valuers, which have the best valuers and have more large projects in his valuation database and they handle those projects very easily and valuate property within the required time with the best result and valuation report. We provide our services in all big cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities.

Gift Valuers and Valuation Services Delhi, India

Gift valuation is a procedure of evaluating the gift like movable and immovable gift seems land, buildings, bike cars and other four wheeler vehicles. If you want to gift anything which value is greater than Rs. 25,000, in the form of cash, draft, check for other person which have no direct relation with you if your gift in your Undivided Family (HUF) then the maximum limit is Rs.50,000 for that current year. A2Z Valuers provides the best valuation services to you so join our company and trust us.

Stamp Duty Valuation Delhi, India

Stamp duty valuation is the duty in which the tax payable on particular document which, is fixed by the government on the legal documents. Whenever you transfer or selling the property then this tax requires to pay, so you can say that this is a government duty that you have to pay the tax over the any legal selling and purchasing action. This tax is flexible, this is depend upon the value of that property which you want to sell if the value of the property is large then, you should to pay more tax for the stamp duty valuation.